European bathing water quality 2012-2020

Bathing is an extremely popular and important leisure activity in Europe. The annual assessment of bathing water quality shows that more than 84% of European bathing waters are of excellent quality.
On-going since 2012

Water and agriculture: towards sustainable solutions

The report shows that wider uptake of sustainable agricultural management practices is needed for improving the state of water, as well as biodiversity.

Bathing Water Management in Europe: Successes and Challenges

This report summarises how over 40 years of European environmental policy and management have significantly improved bathing water quality across Europe.

Development of Bathing Water Directive dataflow

We are developing the state of the art dataflow for annual collection and assessment of the European bathing water quality data at the EEA.

Renovation of Water Information System for Europe (WISE) - Freshwater portal

The EU WISE Freshwater portal needs to be revised, updated with new information, and upgraded to tackle those issues and to improve its user friendliness, while ensuring full alignment with the EC/EU data and IT policies.

Preliminary assessment of river floodplain condition in Europe

The aim of this project was to develop an assessment methodology of floodplain condition in terms of extent, structure and processes at the European scale.

Oxygen consuming substances in European rivers - EU indicator assessment

We are processing the Waterbase - Water Quality data to produce an annual update to the indicator C3: Oxygen consuming substances in European rivers.
On-going since 2012

Implementation of the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) principles in the Eastern Partnership countries - Water

The project was to continue to implement the principles and practices of the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS). We organised a series of workshops in the six countries, produced national environmental indicators, and developed three national water information systems.

Pesticides in European rivers, lakes and groundwaters - Data assessment

The report considers data comparable at European level, delivering a detailed summary of data reported to WISE SoE by EIONET countries, for concentrations in rivers, lakes and groundwater between 2007 and 2017.

Marine Litter Assessment

We are cooperating on development of the European-wide Marine Litter Assessment, to be published in 2022 by EEA, with particular focus on plastics, based on core indicators of sources, pathways and state of plastic pollution.

Marine Litter Watch database and indicator

We support the ongoing implementation of Marine Litter Watch (MLW) database, process the data and produce the indicator.
On-going since 2020

Support to the assessment of Member States' compliance with the Bathing Water Directive

The project requested by DG Environment of the European Commission and implemented by Milieu ltd. and TC Vode. The understanding of the European BWD in EU countries is analysed and best practices suggested.

DriDanube project: Organisation of drought management in the Danube Region

A sample document with instructions for Slovenia as part of DriDanube project (activity 6.4.1)

Water Use in the Western Balkans: regional outlooks and global megatrends

The project explores water use in the Western Balkans. It builds on the conclusions made by the preceding project "Security implications of future water use in the Western Balkans" (2014).

Expert basis for managing flood risks in accordance to the Floods Directive for the areas of potential significant flood risk Vipava, Kostanjevica, Odranci

We developed a hydrological and hydraulical study, including the flood hazard and risk maps for OPVP Odranci (area of potential significant flood risk).

Conceptual study for nature-based solution for flood protection of river Borovniščica and its catchment

The study aimed at providing the conceptual basis for flood management on the river Borovnica.

European water policies and human health — Combining reported environmental information

This report considers three pieces of EU water legislation targeted at particular sectors: the Bathing Water Directive, the Drinking Water Directive and the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, and looks at common issues in the context of the Water Framework Directive.

DeFishGear: Development of the Regional Database and Data Viewer on Marine Litter

A georeferenced database and viewer were established to effectively store and share data on the amounts and types of marine litter in different marine compartments of the Adriatic Sea.

Support to the Implementation of the Water Industry Directives

The task was to support the European Commission in the implementation of the water industry directives. We cooperated with the Milieu consultant company.

Hazardous Substances in European Waters - Data Assessment

The report provides a systematic summary presentation of the data on hazardous substances’ concentrations reported by the 39 member and collaborating countries to the EEA.

Spatial analysis of marine protected area networks in Europe's seas

The report is an overview of the 2012 spatial distribution of the networks of marine protected areas (MPAs) established in the waters of the EU, excluding overseas territories.

CC-WARE Integrated Transnational Strategy for Water Protection and Mitigating Water Resources Vulnerability

Analysis of climate change impact and management measures for Ljubljana metropolitan area

Protection of water resources of the river Mislinja catchment

The study provides professional guidelines on the water management in the catchment of the river Mislinja.

Building a Shared Environmental Information System with the Eastern Neighbourhood

Our specific input was reviewing the data delivered by cooperating countries, assessing their monitoring and reporting potential, and propose the advancement of the process.

Security Implications of Future Water Use in the Western Balkans: Challenge of Hydropower Development

The project is an explorative analysis of security implications of water use development in the region. An examination of general socio-economic, environmental as well as sector-specific data was made to produce relevant indicators which support assessment of present situation and future possible scenarios.

Market Sector Scan of Water Management of Slovenia

The study gives and overview of the water management sector in Slovenia.

Ledava and Črnec revitalization in Lendava

Protection and management of natural water resources through revitalization, land development and stimulation of public awareness: Project for the river Ledava and Črnec revitalization in Lendava